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Mental health is an often-overlooked aspect of our lives that affects our emotional wellbeing, and Anyea Anderson is passionate about helping individuals struggling with these issues.

Anyea employs unique therapeutic approaches towards helping her clients achieve mental and emotional wellness, including communication through writing self-help books. Her first book, The Glow-Up Recovery Plan, which helps individuals reduce the stress and emotions that may arise from life-changing events, has received worldwide acclaim for its effectiveness in this area. With her clever use of words that connect with your unique situation, you find yourself flipping through the pages and completing every exercise to prepare for stressful situations. After the immense success of her self-help book, Anyea has gone ahead to make more magic by creating her brand, PopNTalk. She intends to create a fun environment where we can discuss how our mental and emotional wellbeing affects our everyday life. This gave birth to the game, PopNTalk “let’s talk about it. “

She aims to use the 101-card deck to encourage positive conversation among women surrounding those topics women are afraid to talk about due to fear of being judged. These questions border on sex, relationships, family, career, finances, religion, life choices, and so much more. Rather than all the doom and gloom, Anyea's target is diving into the effects of mental wellness and emotional stability in a fun-loving environment sprinkled with genuine support. Women can spark conversations with these cards while on a road trip, on the plane, or just as a way to lighten up the conversation. Anyea continues to strive towards making a difference in her career as a therapist and help even more people unlock the door towards better mental health. It is her joy when people are inspired to live their lives to the fullest while surmounting tons of challenges thrown their way by this little bubble called life.