Sometimes, all you need to spark that important conversation is a little boost.

We all have questions that we are afraid to ask to avoid being judged, but those questions need to be asked. PopnTalk “Lets Talk About It,” is that boost you need to have healthy conversations surrounding our lives as women and get the answers you need to forge on. PopNTalk is more than just your regular card game; it is a major step-up towards achieving mental wellness and emotional stability in a fun-loving environment. With 101 cards, you will be encouraged to have positive conversations with your girls or other women in your circle about religion, finances, career, family, relationships, and sex.

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Created by Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist, Anyea Anderson, PopNTalk is your window of opportunity towards steering the conversation towards issues that you need to talk about.

You don't need a specific location or somber atmosphere to play this game. Whether you are on a plane, a road trip, or a girls' night out, there would be lots of laughs, hugs, and some tears. In the end, you will feel lighter as you let go of the burden of silence. On this note, I urge you to take this step, and "let’s talk about it.”

The Glow Up Recovery Plan

This book uses the power of knowledge to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, with better mental wellness and emotional stability.